On the evening of 25th July 2018 the unthinkable happened. My brother-in-law's 14-year-old daughter, Tuva, took her horse for an evening ride near her home in southern Sweden. A short time into the ride she fell and tragically passed away.

This is a horrendous time for her family who are struggling to come to terms with what has happened. I want to try to salvage something positive from this tragic event and this is why I have set up this fundraiser in memory of this beautiful, talented, strong-willed and courageous young girl.

Min Stora Dag (My Special Day) is a Swedish non profit, Non governmental organization, granting wishes for Swedish children and teenagers 4-18 years old, with serious illnesses and diagnoses. The charity enables sick and terminally ill children to attend concerts, group activities and various other events that provide a much-needed distraction from their everyday struggles and challenges.

I shall compete in the Sweden Ironman on 18th August 2018 and want to do so in memory of Tuva. I see this as a good opportunity to raise awareness of this fantastic charity as well as collect donations on behalf of my beloved niece who has been taken far too early and who would have loved to have been involved with supporting such a great cause.

Please, if you can, make a small donation in Tuva's name. It will mean a great deal to her family and will be a most fitting tribute to a wonderful girl.

Den 25 juli 2018 hände det otänkbara. Min 14åriga brorsdotter Tuva avled i en mycket svår ridolycka.

Tuvas familj och alla som kände henne är helt förkrossade över det som hänt. Vi kan aldrig vrida tillbaka klockan men jag känner att något positivt måste komma från denna tragedi.

Jag ska tävla i Kalmar Ironman den 18 augusti 2018 och kommer göra så till minne av Tuva. Jag ser detta som ett tillfälle att uppmärksamma Min Stora Dag, en fantastisk organisation som skänker glädje och tröst åt så många. Samtidigt hoppas jag kunna samla in pengar i Tuvas namn. Hon togs ifrån oss alldeles för tidigt men hon skulle helhjärtat stöttat detta.

Om ni har möjlighet, skänk en gåva i Tuvas namn. Det skulle betyda oerhört mycket för hennes familj och vara en hyllning till denna underbara tjej.

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24 310 kr

97% 25 000 kr


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  • Kevin Shearman Kevin Shearman
    Hi All,

    The Ironman for Tuva will take place this Saturday (18th August) starting at 07:00. If you want to follow my progress throughout the day, you should follow the following directions:

    - download “Ironman Tracker” from the App Store or Google Play.
    - select the event “2018 Ironman Kalmar Sweden”.
    - in the “Search Participants” field, input “Kevin Shearman” or my race number “2092”.

    I hope to complete the Ironman in around 13 hours and will be dedicating every minute to our beloved Tuva.

    See you at the finish line...❤️❤️
  • Jessica Pålsson Jessica Pålsson Donerade 200 kr

    Vi tänker på er. Kramar från Jessica & Malte

    Kevin Shearman Kevin Shearman: Tack ❤️
  • Stephan VALES Stephan VALES Donerade 300 kr

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  • Nizza Edfeldt Nizza Edfeldt Donerade 100 kr

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  • Christine Strand Christine Strand Donerade 500 kr

    Sov gott min Ullareds kompis. Familjen Strand ( Minna)

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  • Lili och Lars Lagerqvist Lili och Lars Lagerqvist Donerade 300 kr

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  • Kevin Shearman Kevin Shearman
    On behalf of our beloved Tuva, we have now raised almost 23,000 sek for Min Stora Dag. Thank you all so very much for your generosity and support. It has been a great comfort to Tuva’s parents, Henrik and Pernilla, and her brothers, Sebastian, Felix and Isaac. Please keep sharing so we can raise even more for this great cause in Tuva’s name. Thanks.
  • Monica Damell Modin Monica Damell Modin Donerade 500 kr

    Kevin Shearman Kevin Shearman: 💗💗
  • Linda Emilsson Linda Emilsson Donerade 100 kr

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  • Bente Ekfeldt Bente Ekfeldt Donerade 100 kr


    Kevin Shearman Kevin Shearman: Tack snälla Bente.
  • Nova  Oscarsson Nova Oscarsson Donerade 100 kr

    Tänker på dig Tuva och din familj ❤️

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  • Marika  och Jörn Marika och Jörn Donerade 300 kr


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  • Barbro Olsson Barbro Olsson Donerade 500 kr

    Till Minne av Tuva. Från Barbro, Nils och Erik

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  • Emma juhlin Med familj Emma juhlin Med familj Donerade 1 000 kr

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  • Padde och Cia Edfeldt Padde och Cia Edfeldt Donerade 300 kr

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  • Ewa Edfeldt Ewa Edfeldt Donerade 500 kr

    Tuva du finns i vårt hjärta💖

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  • David Chalom David Chalom Donerade 500 kr

    Nobody should have to experience this kind of sorrow which cannot be described with words. My heart goes out to you.

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  • Tindra Elias Sofia G Tindra Elias Sofia G Donerade 300 kr


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  • Bob Cummings Bob Cummings Donerade 200 kr

    Kevin Shearman Kevin Shearman: Many thanks Bob. Heard a lot about you. Hope to meet up with you sometime in Ekerö.
  • Lena Hultman Lena Hultman Donerade 150 kr

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  • Anna Harring Anna Harring Donerade 300 kr

    Varma tankar till minne av Tuva. Kramar från Anna, Niklas, Maj & Olle

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  • Gustav Shearman Gustav Shearman Donerade 200 kr

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  • Jonna Larsson Jonna Larsson Donerade 100 kr

    Sov gott, lilla Tuva!

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